For most of us, Christmas is a very special time of year – A time for togetherness and a time for family. Unfortunately, this is not the case for everyone and this year at Reach, we wanted to help bring Christmas smiles to less fortunate children in need of some good old Christmas cheer. That friends, is how the Reach Festive Baking Day was born!

On the 21st of December, our amazing Reach volunteers and sponsored children came together in a quest to make Christmas special for these precious kids. A morning was spent making and baking delicious Christmas cookies – Circles, stars, hearts and more, adorned with cherries and sprinkles and other yummy toppings! A few days later on the day before Christmas, our superhero volunteers couldn’t wait to visit Cotlands so they could hand over these delectables treats to the ones who deserved it most. It’s safe to say that the room was lit up with beaming smiles and that Christmas was transformed into a day that these kids can hold dear.

A special, heartfelt thanks goes out to the Erasmus family and SID Media for providing the ingredients and the opportunity for our REACH volunteers and children to REACH out to these children in need.

We hope you all had a wonderful festive season and that this New Year brings you joy and love, and that you remember how important it is to reach out and be someone’s reason to smile. Happy 2015!



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