[vc_row][vc_column][layerslider_vc id=”5″][vc_column_text title=”EDUCATION IS THE FOUNDATION.”]Most of the children we take care of come from rather unfortunate circumstances. You can probably understand why it’s then so pivotal for our safety and foster parents to receive the necessary training and guidance to help care for these kids.

ReachSA is currently wrapping up the development of a generic training programme for these parents. The programme will empower these care-givers with special insights and skills to help them understand their role and function in caring for the children placed in alternative care. Additionally, it will also address various issues which these children may be dealing with and how best to support them through these difficult times. The course will run over 6 sessions with monthly follow-up’s where care-givers can chat and ask for help through a special support-group network.

As you can imagine, there are set up costs and facilitation fees that need to be covered. If you are passionate about education, please help us by donating to this very important project. By educating these care-givers, you are not only empowering them, but you’re giving these children a second chance at a beautiful life.

“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world”
– Nelson Mandela

Donations can be made on the donations page above or direct donation can be made directly to our bank account:
Bank: First National Bank
Account name: Reach Int South Africa NPC
Account Number: 62456338675
Sort code 200610
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At ReachSA, we have many exciting projects running, and still so many in the pipeline. Your voluntary help can make a huge difference in our collective efforts to harness tangible change in people’s lives.

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ReachSA are currently facilitating the financial sponsoring of 4 children who are either in foster care or temporary safe care awaiting a court order

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