The vision of this organization shall be to serve the disadvantaged, homeless and destitute children in South Africa.

This is a voluntary, charitable non – profit organization to provide for the physical, mental, spiritual, social, financial and emotional needs of the orphaned, destitute and poor children.

The organization is dedicated to:

2.1          Mitigate suffering of children, by providing food, clothing, shelter, and medicine;
2.2          Providing a Christian education;
2.3          Fostering international goodwill;
2.4          Promoting understanding and concern for disadvantaged children.
2.5          Following the children’s education path until they are Self-employed or Employed.

It is the hope that with this preparation, children will grow up to be self-supporting, productive, and contributing members of South Africa and the world.


“We will create sustainable opportunities for disadvantaged children, and provide the right environment for them to achieve their potential through:

  • Working in co-operation with Government departments and other organisations
  • Working in partnership with other like-minded NPO s , sharing resources, and learning from each other
  • Working with Adventist Schools and churches in the Helderberg area.
  • Addressing all dimensions of mastering a full life, namely.
    • Spiritual
    • Emotional
    • Mental
    • Physical
    • Financial
    • Social


A number of high level Goals have been defined, based on the Vision and Mission, which include:

A – Internal:

These are the processes/ mechanisms that Reach would like to put in place in order to successfully execute its vision and mission.

  • Establish a platform and mechanism for donors to sponsor these children and parents,
    • Facebook page
    • Web page
    • Other social media platforms
    • Church presentations on a regular basis
    • Fund raising strategy and supporting infrastructure eg. Pamphlets, donation envelopes, expo stands, literature, etc.
    • Open days at operational activities.
  • Implement administrative and control mechanisms to ensure that administration of the process is on a world class standard
  • Establish a EXCOM of capable and passionate individuals that will support and drive Reach to achieve its vision and mission
  • Develop training material for the parents, safety parents, foster parents and the children to address the need.
  • Establish the internal legal framework to execute the statutory requirements of the Child protection Act.
  • Establish education framework and policy with the best interest of the child in mind

B – External:

These are the tangible services/training/protection that Reach would like to render in order to directly affect the children’s life for the better.

  • Recruit and train 20 couples to within 2 years as safety parents,
  • Establish a Self-Help support group among these parents,
  • Establish / support a safe house for disadvantaged children within 18 months
  • Establish / support a cluster foster home for disadvantaged children within 18 months
  • Establish / support a day care centre within 3 years
  • Establish / support an Early Learning school within 3 years.
  • Quality teaching and learning both at home and at ECD the centre with emphasis on the spiritual, physical, emotional, and metal needs of the child social.